When Hunger Strikes!

On my way to office,
I saw a young boy, of a tender age.

With innocence in his face,
And his clothes in a mess.

He begged by the roadside,
With hunger in his eyes.

He was shrugged off by the people,
Like a bug too feeble.

Then a dog passed by him with a loaf of bread,
And he chased the dog with no dread.

Away at a road side gutter,
He ate the stale bread with no ounce of butter.

He shared, the bread with dog besides,
Cause, he knew how it feels in a hungry stomach inside.

Like the dog he had no identity,
Both were the children of the almighty.


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2 thoughts on “When Hunger Strikes!

    1. socialtrail Post author

      Hi Al, Partly true. Unfortunate , but I have seen many urchins on the streets in Mumbai, and it is disheartening to see their life.
      The poem is though an imagination, but it is a sad reality. Thanks for your comments. Mandar


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