Socailtrail is a blog about self development, social issues and parenting.

A social trail or desire path, is a path developed by erosion caused by footfall. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination. The width and amount of erosion of the line represents the amount of demand.

Socialtrails are manifested on the surface of the earth in certain cases, e.g., as dirt pathways created by people walking through a field, when the original movement by individuals helps clear a path, thereby encouraging more travel. Explorers may tread a path through foliage or grass, leaving a trail “of least resistance” for followers.

In daily life more casual trails can be found in parking lots and lawns. Many streets in older cities began as desire paths, which evolved over the decades or centuries into the modern streets of today.

My blog, Socailtrail ,  is about our individual journey while we live the path of life we have chosen.  The path that treads us through trials & tribulations, mistakes and remorse, courage and dignity, hopes and aspirations, sins and redemptions, love and respect, joy and fulfillment.

Yet our journey is incomplete without the collective experiences shared with the multiple communities we are part of. Our periodic assessment & contribution to the community makes the journey complete and fulfilling.

I am corporate professional longing to back pack and go on a world tour. Till then for me this is a space to share my musings on the way.

It is better to travel well than to arrive- Buddha

Mandar Karnik



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