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IST (India Standard Time) & Gen Next

‘On time is a wonderful thing’ . I remember one of the leading Indian domestic airlines blasting their ad campaign few months ago with this as the main feature of their airlines. Alas we Indians seldom appreciate this  ‘On Time’ concept. Not being On time, is so culturally set in our body clocks that no amount of attempts to reset our body clocks  may alter our being  on time priorities.

Generations after generations of Indian children have been demonstrated that not being on time is just who we are as a nation.   Even auspicious moments like weddings are manipulated by dutiful pundits only to suit their own pockets. Actually not being on time is rarely considered a vice.

With such low regard to the ‘Time Axis’ in our lives, aren’t we conditioning the next  generation to disregard the time axis altogether. Anyway with the technological and societal changes our time lines are as it is getting crunched and jumbled up.

In my opinion when children are young their relationship with time is not truly corrupted. For them a school friends birthday party at 7 pm is sacrosanct. Being on time for the new animated movie and having popcorn on time is high on their agenda. If you have promised them, that you will play a board game at home or take them to the park at 6 pm, then their agile brains do trigger an alarm periodically, nagging you to deliver your promise.

How about next time we have to go for a wedding, a birthday, a movie or even being punctual while leaving for office daily we reset our IST body clocks to be on time. When someone invites us for a party at 7pm, we take the bold step to be on time and yet not be embarrassed.  May be that’s when the collective IST timers for the Gen Next gets reset and syncs with the actual IST time !



Once upon a time in Lego Land



My 5-year-old and daughter is adept at using all the new age gadgets at home with ease. Well most children these days are smarter, aren’t they? Smarter than the previous generations. And that’s what the evolution theory is about as well

But I have noticed that BOARD games are slowly being minimized to BORED games and Angry birds have already invaded most households, either as iPhone/iPad games or original and duplicate merchandise from school stationery to inner wear.

Incidentally board games were played with neighboring friends in my childhood.  Board games were more of a group activity than a lonesome activity of playing angry birds on an iPhone.  Messy yet fun. But with digital games on a phone or a tablet it’s far easier to clean up.  One  swipe and, Mama I am done!

A lot of games on the modern gadgets are interactive and do develop rational and creative skills, but on the flip side may not induce the added push to develop motor skills. From holding a pack of cards to play Uno, to rolling a dice, to fusing and dismantling the blocks of a Lego game, all boost motor skills. Yes, playgroups and nursery schools do their share to enhance the motor skills.

But the same generation could be very soon having a Tablet as part of their stationary list  the moment they step in 1st grade.  And all this familiarity and comfort with using gadgets is a like a prep course for more techno learning that is getting promoted.

When we got computers in our school, I remember I was in the 5th grade.  And my parents were awed and proud to see me navigate those beefy IBM  & BBC machines with ease.

Gaming on phones and tabs will keep getting better and attracting kids , but yes, monitoring and setting rules of usage of all these gizmos is challenge that all parents need to brace for.

Cannot resist but link one of my older posts on Facebook and Kids, tagged ‘Facebook page of a Toddler’.



Thermo COOL Art

Just a silly attempt to keep Shanaia engaged last weekend turned out to be an interesting work of art by her.

I was about to junk this piece of Thermocol,  and just then I got an idea to give an innovative surface to  Shanaia to draw upon.

Frankly, as a child in good old days when Hamleys- The Toy store,  had not invaded Mumbai, I had used a large piece of thermocol from my mom’s food processor mixer and made a Battleship out of it. So just junking a precious piece of Thermocol was not really an option I was keen to choose!

Following are some pics of ThermoCOOL art by Shanaia.

Kites, Water Bottle and Faces

Tick Tock Clock

Do not miss the face drawn around the embedded circle

Do not miss the Faces drawn around existing embedded circles

Pigeon Holed Faces

This one is my favorite.  Intelligent use of the existing holes to draw faces within.

Art by Dad...

Art by DAD

Kids & Pets

Shanaia, our 3 and half year old daughter cheekily asked, “Mama Can we buy a Dog ?”  Mama asked why? And she promptly answered,  “dogs can catch robbers.” Mama replied with a stern no. Try number two. “Then can we buy a Cat?”  Again a big no from Mama. Then may be a parrot. Mama’s “no” were as prompt as the questions.

How about Fishes?  This one, Shanaia won with 4-3 . Shanaia had smartly calculated, Fishes were one thing mama definitely loves;  if not alive, definitely dead. And that’s when Shanaia knew she had a sealed  her first deal, a Pet.

And I was more than eager to ensure to get a fish tank. I had similar conversations with my mom as  child.  After a long stint of negotiations I was reluctantly allowed to have a fish tank. Graduating from a fish tank I managed to convince my parents to get me a pair of ‘Love birds’. Seeing my passion for pets, one of my uncles had gifted me a pair of ‘Turtles’. And finally for a brief period I had kept  ‘White mice’.

By the time Shanaia, grandpa & me were at the pet shop, ‘the child in me’  was revisiting all the special memories I had with all my pets. Growing up with pets was an important experience that I had imbibed.  It had inculcated in me a sense of responsibility, love, care, respect for all living beings. The pain & remorse of losing my fishes & love birds prepared me for harsher realities of life as a child, ‘we all are mortals’.

And now while my daughter is growing up, I would love her to grow with her pets .

Yet there are a few important considerations that one needs to keep in mind before buying pets.

  1. Like the amount of time you or your child and spend to take care in maintaining pets in a responsible way.
  2. Pets of different kinds are prone to catch infections and also pass it on to humans or in some case trigger pre existing allergies.
  3. Do a fair amount of research before buying any pet. From traits, care, breed, to knowing where you are going to place the pets in your house.

Facebook page of a Toddler

I am not an avid Facebook user . Yet whenever I am working on my laptop at home my daughter conveniently places herself next to me, curious to know what I am doing.

With the level of laptop/computer  penetration in most urban households and most parents conveniently browsing Facebook, the Gen Next is already getting social site savvy.  I won’t be surprised that the future classrooms will be social network enabled.

And I couldn’t resist imagining what would be a typical  Facebook page of a toddler look like.

Let me know if you relate to this one.

Face Book Page of a Toddler

Apple Pie

Don’t know what they fed me yesterday..Definitely smells bad!!

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Shopaholic Nappy

Under house arrest for long..Time to shop lift at Malls

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Lovey Eyes

My latest crush…Ben 10

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Twinkle eyes He is mine !

Game breaker

Just broke open my new remote car, they all are the same inside L

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Gizmo pants  Try all till you get the one that’s different dude!

Party animal

Birthdays are fun, every gift I give, gets me a return gift J

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Chocó teeth

Gums hurting, guess I am getting a new tooth.. help me!

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Fatso Bum

Mac D or Pizza.. any suggestions

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Game Breaker Mac D are everything.

Mama’s boy

Mama says milk is healthy…I trust her

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Chota Bheem

Dholkapur is no more safe, with all the chocolate thieves. Time for action

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Jr. Einstein took a quiz where do babies come from

Supermarkets 80%

Circus 40%

Alien attack 30%

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>Honey I cloned the kids!

>Do we regard our children as an extension of ourselves? Just the way our clothes, homes, cars and gadgets have become an extension of ourselves. Just mere an expression of our status to the world.

Do we fail to recognize or appreciate the unique individuality of our children? An insane way of self absorption, wherein we are oblivious to their identify and blossom into what they dream to be. And yet expect then to succeed in their lives, well as per our expectations, our unfulfilled and dreams, fantasies; that were clipped in the bud in our childhood.

To love our children is to know the pain of separateness. But we don’t dare to endure the pain. Not because we as parents cannot bear it now, but we rarely were conditioned to bear it in our young days. Separateness is physical as well as in thoughts. Sameness brings forth comfort, mitigates fear of isolation.

And while we are relentless in taming our children to adopt our traits, likes, aspirations, fears, they may or may adopt our thoughts and ways; sure enough they will learn how to make replicas of their own self.

Mandar Karnik


(Excerpt : The road less traveled_M.Scott Peck)

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of the Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts,

For they have their own thoughts.

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You my strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward not tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrow may go swift and far.

Let your bending in the archers’s hand be for gladness;

For even He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the blow that is stable.