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“AAP Yahan Aaye Kis Liye? AAP ne Bulaya Is Liye”

Barely two months after the debut of Aam Admi Party in Indian politics, the abrupt resignation of its founding leader & Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal has startled many of us. The most inspiring Startup Of Indian Politics, had its own set of teething troubles. It is expected that the resistance it faces with all political parties may escalate with the upcoming run up for national elections. A lot of startup styled testing of ideas and approach may take place to generate more shock effect, may be new scams unearthed all with the objective of scaling up fast and gaining momentum for a larger vote bank base.akejriwal

But I am apprehensive, that AAP the political outfit is losing focus of the other ‘AAP-The Aam Admi Power’. AAP has come to power because ‘Aam Admi Power’ called for this radical change.

AAP’s senior Party leaders seem oblivious to the popular Bollywood duet song of yesteryear’s, “Aap Yahan Aaye Kis Liye? Aap ne Bulaya Is Liye” (This reads as ‘Why are you here, because you invited us). They apparently have missed the point that the people of India did not bring them to power to solely to fight corruption and bring about Lok Pal Bill. Yes, an effective Lokpal Bill would be imperative to fight corruption, but AAP seems so very myopic to make it as its sole purpose to come to power.

Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, as quoted by you, you may be eager to relinquish your CM’s chair a thousand times, but we do not need your sacrifices. We need you to stay in power, establish stability, clean up the system, pick development agenda’s as you did when you took on Delhi Jal Board scam & unfair pricing by power companies. Staying in Power does not mean you are greedy for power. It could also be utilized to reiterate your commitment  to use your Power to govern better. We want your innovative startup to scale, scale fast, enter new states, work on your transparent and efficient governance model; but certainly not face an untimely death.We want your startup to sustain. We want you to ‘STAY IN BUSINESS’.

Some say the resignation was an aptly timed move with a larger agenda. Prove us wrong and get back in Business.


IST (India Standard Time) & Gen Next

‘On time is a wonderful thing’ . I remember one of the leading Indian domestic airlines blasting their ad campaign few months ago with this as the main feature of their airlines. Alas we Indians seldom appreciate this  ‘On Time’ concept. Not being On time, is so culturally set in our body clocks that no amount of attempts to reset our body clocks  may alter our being  on time priorities.

Generations after generations of Indian children have been demonstrated that not being on time is just who we are as a nation.   Even auspicious moments like weddings are manipulated by dutiful pundits only to suit their own pockets. Actually not being on time is rarely considered a vice.

With such low regard to the ‘Time Axis’ in our lives, aren’t we conditioning the next  generation to disregard the time axis altogether. Anyway with the technological and societal changes our time lines are as it is getting crunched and jumbled up.

In my opinion when children are young their relationship with time is not truly corrupted. For them a school friends birthday party at 7 pm is sacrosanct. Being on time for the new animated movie and having popcorn on time is high on their agenda. If you have promised them, that you will play a board game at home or take them to the park at 6 pm, then their agile brains do trigger an alarm periodically, nagging you to deliver your promise.

How about next time we have to go for a wedding, a birthday, a movie or even being punctual while leaving for office daily we reset our IST body clocks to be on time. When someone invites us for a party at 7pm, we take the bold step to be on time and yet not be embarrassed.  May be that’s when the collective IST timers for the Gen Next gets reset and syncs with the actual IST time !


Auto Pilot-Management lessons

Management lessons can spring up in the most unusual places. The other day I was accompanying my grandmother for some medical investigations. With long waiting time between appointments, my gastronomic juices were giving up.  With my grandma comfortably rested, I headed out the next door eatery.

Normally when I am  eating out alone, my expectations from an eating joints are purely transactional. Hygiene, timely service, with some fresh favorite foods stuff traded for some cash. That’s it.. The foodie in me takes a back seat.

So I walked in this neighbourhood eating joint. This one was not the swanky retail food chains that we encounter in malls, but a mom & pop restaurant. I ordered some ‘Dosa’ and was impatiently waiting for food to be served.  Given it was 9 pm, the waiter who took my order was surprisingly active. Running between tables, hurling the customer orders to the chef in the kitchen. From order taking, to serving to exchanging cash all his mover were well orchestrated. More so he looked cheerful and passionate about what he was doing.

With my food yet to be served, I kept observing the staff. And I was amused to see almost all of them near replicas of the guy who took my order. All neatly dressed, pleasant and cheerful doing their jobs diligently. By then my order was served and promptly savored it.

And just then, right behind the cash counter hung up on the wall , I noticed a photo frame with a picture of presumably the later owner of this eatery. From the look of the frame it looked as if it was placed recently.

I walked to the cash counter to pay my bill, and got into some small chat with the cashier curious to know about the sudden demise of their later owner. I got to know he had passed away about four months back , and since then it was the staff who was managing the whole show. From opening, to buying kitchen groceries, attending customers, handling cash, closing and all  managed by the staff. It seems the one of the owners sons was abroad and the other one in the city, yet remotely involved.

I could not help but dwell deeper on this and two thoughts propped my mind instantly.

  1. Work Culture : Amazed at the way this late owner would have managed his staff all these years. The kind of work ethics and culture he must have knowingly, unknowingly imparted to his staff. With no one to watch over the staff was spirited and dedicated to their job.
  2. Customer service: The courteous way in which he would have been treating his patrons all this while, putting all the proponents of customer service to shame. Minimal waiting time, no order goof ups, all so meticulously carried out.
The fate of this eatery could be a little uncertain, but one thing for sure, they have one happy patron to count on.
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