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Coffins on the Highway

Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Swinging left to right,

No blinkers I can see.

Some bodies glued to their mobiles,

Some bodies without seatbelts.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Some bodies have enough alcohol within themselves to burn their pyre instantly.

Eager to embrace the demons of death.

Sure these bodies have loved ones who care about them.

A mother, an old father, a caring and supporting wife with kids.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Bang I saw another thud in front of me.

And I pulled over to inspect the coffin ahead of me.

Blood all over,

And broken limbs.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


With no one willing to bother to stop by, forget a willing gesture that one cares,

I put these listless limbs on my wheels.

We spin to the hospital,

To revive these fellow coffin travelers.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Back at the hospital,

After some easy yet routine formalities,

They started the treatment,

And we informed the kin of these coffin travelers.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Another life saved, or may be reborn.

Never neglect a coffin on the highway.

Do help other coffins out of sheer fear or pure duty.

The next coffin could carry your loved ones or you !


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Road accidents are on the rise across the world. Statistics apart, what is important is that how responsible are we when we are behind the wheels. Most people consider ‘driving’,  to be a right.  Seldom is it emphasized  that it is a privilege.

Yes there are idiots on the road. At time we ourselves drive idiotically. But may be 90% or more of the accidents can be avoided, provided we drive exercising our privilege responsibly.

Can we more responsible coffin drivers ?


When Hunger Strikes!

On my way to office,
I saw a young boy, of a tender age.

With innocence in his face,
And his clothes in a mess.

He begged by the roadside,
With hunger in his eyes.

He was shrugged off by the people,
Like a bug too feeble.

Then a dog passed by him with a loaf of bread,
And he chased the dog with no dread.

Away at a road side gutter,
He ate the stale bread with no ounce of butter.

He shared, the bread with dog besides,
Cause, he knew how it feels in a hungry stomach inside.

Like the dog he had no identity,
Both were the children of the almighty.


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तुझी वाट पाहता

तुझी वाट पाहता 
तुझी वाट पाहता पाहता डोळे भरून आले,
वाचा फुटेना कंठ दाटून आला.
तू आलास असा भास झाला,
नक्की परत येशील हा मनी धस घेतला.
तुझ्या आठवणी मनात आहेत ताज्या,
तुझ्यावाचून जगणे झाली आहे सजा.
आमचा  जीवनाच्या अंती आम्हाला एकटे टाकून गेलास,
तुझ्हा फक्त आसरा हवा होता,
फाफुट पसारा सोडून गेलास.


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बुडूनही जगावे

बुडूनही जगावे  

समूद्र किनार्यावर पाण्यात फक्त पाय घालून येत नाही मजा,
तशीच प्रेमाच्या सागरात बुडाल्या शिवाय येत नाही मजा.
बघणारे म्हणतात अरे हा तर गेला कामातून,
पण बुडणारा म्हणतो, किती बर वाटते पहा तर बुडून.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात नसते कुणाची भीती,
फक्त प्रेमच असते अवती भवती.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत  नाही श्वास,
फक्त मनात असावा विश्वास.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत नाही तहान भूक,
चोहीकडे प्रेमच असते कधी न संपणारे सुख.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत नाही थंडी,
दोन जीवांची उब असते, उबतील सुधा दोन-चार अंडी.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात राहायला लागत नाही भाडे.
एकमेकांच्या हृदयात राहायला कसले आले भाडे.
फक्त काळजी घ्यावी गैर समाजांच्या भाव्र्यांची .
समजून घ्यावी भीती खोल दर्यांची.
असे हे सुंदर जग या प्रेमाच्या सागरात,
बुडूनही जगावे ह्याच सागरात.
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College Beat

It all started in an admission queue,

When you were alone in a world that was new.

You were scared and anxious,

But determined to make a new beginning and quite curious.

You came across a person, interesting who seemed,

Who made you comfortable and you regained your self-esteem.

Bullied by the peons, and ragged by the seniors,

You felt very embarrassed, and made to feel inferior.

But soon, you made new friends ,

and a group was formed to set new trends.

As  a regular bunker to a default defaulter,

You topped the charts as a black lister.

From college canteen, to outside gutter,

It was your empire shabby no matter.

Then came the first friendship day,

With a number of friendship bands with you at the end of the day.

After a lots of crushes,

And your dreams reduced to ashes.

One fine day you found a soul mate,

And tried hard with all your might, knowing not what was in fate.

And days passed by and so did years,

You could not believe it was the end of your five years.

A time to say goodbye to your old buddies.

And slog pretty harder with your studies.

A time to farewell the bygone days of share and care,

And step into the mean world with a dare.

A time to ponder upon your memories,

And make every attempt to cherish.

But departing won’t part our souls,

Our times together shall unit our souls.

This poem was written in 1999. Now when I look back, it still brings back some fond memories during the college days.

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>Open Books

Every day I walk down the street, busy people gliding on their feet.

Hundreds of faces passing by, heading to destinations, you would wonder where?

One look into theie eyes & you can see, lost souls in deep thoughts, deeper than the sea.

Mark has a job to find, just a carrier break that’s on his mind.

Alan has a loan to pay, bigger than his pockets can weigh.

Don’t you see what I see, people are open books I can read.

Shetal has a picture of a guy in her eyes, one she loves but cannot stand his lies.

Jim is hoping for a raise, praying someone appreciates his work and utters a raise.

Don’t you see what I see, people are open books I can read.

Reena has got divorce papers to file, to get rid of her cheating husband, and go away in exile.

Jerry just had an HIV test, doc says, sixty days and he may rest.

Don’t you see what I see, people are open books I can read.

Ralph has dirty money in his pants, a place to blow up is all that he wants.

Raj  is waiting for his pension to come, cause his kids are saying dad we are done.

Don’t you see what I see, people are open books I can read.

At the corner of the street poor Child is craving for just a roti,

With hunger in his eyes, he is  afraid he may never see the dawn again.

Don’t you see what I see, people are open books I can read.


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>Silent Cry-Darkness of the Womb

>Deep in the darkness of the womb,
A baby is sleeping, in it’s cosy room.

Mother will keep baby warm,
And take care it, to keep it away from all the harms

The baby’s arrival will bring everyone joy,
With mixed curiousity, whether it’s a girl or a boy.

Cos, if it’s a boy, it’s a matter of pride,
And if it’s a girl, then she will be a liable bride.

So they try to detect the sex of the child,
And to know that she is a girl, drives them wild.

As Prevention is better than cure,
They say abortion is the only cure.

The baby’s cries echoes in the womb,
Mother would you let me die in your womb.

But, there is no one to hear the Silent cry,
It is there all alone; and it is just a futile try.