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Holy Cow !

I spotted this cow on the way back from Shirdi-Nashik highway.  Not sure what was on the mind of the miscreants when they hand printed this helpless animal. Though I do appreciate  art more liberally, this definitely is not my taste of art.

It’s a perfect plot for a crime mystery, the culprits have left their most evident identity, but one still can’t nail them !

In Hinduism, the cow is a symbol of wealth, strength, abundance, selfless giving and a full Earthly life. Religious significance apart, one cannot overlook the fact that  cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. From dairy products to its excrement, right upto it’s hide, cow has versatile uses.

The whole body of knowledge of ‘Branding’ as in Marketing , apparently had its origin in branding livestock. The objective being to indicate ownership.

But isn’t conserving and respecting mute animals more about collective ownership than just claiming ownership?


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When Hunger Strikes!

On my way to office,
I saw a young boy, of a tender age.

With innocence in his face,
And his clothes in a mess.

He begged by the roadside,
With hunger in his eyes.

He was shrugged off by the people,
Like a bug too feeble.

Then a dog passed by him with a loaf of bread,
And he chased the dog with no dread.

Away at a road side gutter,
He ate the stale bread with no ounce of butter.

He shared, the bread with dog besides,
Cause, he knew how it feels in a hungry stomach inside.

Like the dog he had no identity,
Both were the children of the almighty.


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तुझी वाट पाहता

तुझी वाट पाहता 
तुझी वाट पाहता पाहता डोळे भरून आले,
वाचा फुटेना कंठ दाटून आला.
तू आलास असा भास झाला,
नक्की परत येशील हा मनी धस घेतला.
तुझ्या आठवणी मनात आहेत ताज्या,
तुझ्यावाचून जगणे झाली आहे सजा.
आमचा  जीवनाच्या अंती आम्हाला एकटे टाकून गेलास,
तुझ्हा फक्त आसरा हवा होता,
फाफुट पसारा सोडून गेलास.


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Missed calls and Guilt

Another look at my mobile screen and my guilt pangs are rising by the moment. I have missed office and my virtual world of missed call reports,  mail box and sms could be imagined like a government office desk, struggling to cope with the incoming files and memos.

I am in deep remorse in the knowledge that I have violated all moral standards of  ‘modern age communication’ by not attending to those important or less important phone calls and SMS. Someone somewhere needs me more that my aching body down with flu. And all I am doing is ruthlessly blinding myself from replying to any incoming traffic, being simply “insensitive”. Cruel isn’t it ? Not really.

But that’s what to some extent urban living has conditioned us right? Conditioned us to be insensitive to the love, pain, beauty, social inequality, corruption, social issues, family values, parenting, charity, and lastly but most importantly our own bodies and mind. We are getting more and more insensitive to our ill-health, mental or physical. When the body needs rest, we deny it , when the mind needs a time out and wants to take stroll on its own, we deny it. We are all conditioned to be insensitive to ourselves.

In the constant quest to stay connected and not being lost with the conversations around us, all we do it keep pressing the ‘qwerty key pads’ or the ‘ipads’  more vigorously, buy phones or other gadgets that are social networking enabled, with push mail services. Well I am not saying we don’t need theses technologies, sure they are modern tools of modern Homo sapiens. But somewhere all these outward looking gadgets, disconnect us with our own-selves.

Well, my guilt pangs have subsided by now and I think it’s ok to disconnect the outward traffic for a while and let the inward traffic of thoughts hit the superhighway.

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College Beat

It all started in an admission queue,

When you were alone in a world that was new.

You were scared and anxious,

But determined to make a new beginning and quite curious.

You came across a person, interesting who seemed,

Who made you comfortable and you regained your self-esteem.

Bullied by the peons, and ragged by the seniors,

You felt very embarrassed, and made to feel inferior.

But soon, you made new friends ,

and a group was formed to set new trends.

As  a regular bunker to a default defaulter,

You topped the charts as a black lister.

From college canteen, to outside gutter,

It was your empire shabby no matter.

Then came the first friendship day,

With a number of friendship bands with you at the end of the day.

After a lots of crushes,

And your dreams reduced to ashes.

One fine day you found a soul mate,

And tried hard with all your might, knowing not what was in fate.

And days passed by and so did years,

You could not believe it was the end of your five years.

A time to say goodbye to your old buddies.

And slog pretty harder with your studies.

A time to farewell the bygone days of share and care,

And step into the mean world with a dare.

A time to ponder upon your memories,

And make every attempt to cherish.

But departing won’t part our souls,

Our times together shall unit our souls.

This poem was written in 1999. Now when I look back, it still brings back some fond memories during the college days.

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The Death Of a Family Physician

Achuu!! This was my 16th sneeze in the past ten minutes. I was drained as usual with this periodic bout of sneeze attacks. In the interim break from the sneezes, I glanced through the swine flu advisory i had cut from one of the daily bulletins. It’s just one of the symptoms I said to myself. ‘Nothing to panic’, I made an instant autosuggestion to my already sluggish brain. Another rapid fire round of ear numbing sneezes and I packed my bag to leave for home. Between a doctor’s visit and self medication, I have been choosing the latter.

Well, that wasn’t me, at least till the time I moved in my new neighbourhood few years ago. While in my old dwelling place, I was fortunate to have an intelligent and caring family physician, who had his own practice in the neighbourhood. A doctor, who knew as much about his patients, as much as the knowledge he had about medical practice. What I appreciated about him was the absence of ‘I know all’ haughty attitude which a number of medical practitioners displayed. Though his diagnosis was usually correct, on specific occasions he would refer to other MD doctors for quicker diagnosis or prescribe a battery of test well in time.

I have been noticing an influx of specialty and super speciality hospitals in the metros, however, I have not seen as many as new generations of general physicians doing an independent practice. Blame it on the mall culture, or whatever, just like the friendly neighbourhood grocery store, general family physicians could be finding it difficult to survive. Unless a doctor has an established practice, affordability of rents and expenses like staff and electricity is not for every general practitioner. And seldom if one were to come across a general physician, the clinic would be bursting with patients, actively acquiring more viral infections and disseminating it to the unaffected lot.

Won’t a timely and accurate check up by a family physician, cut down on the bout of viral and malarial cases we are witnessing? Well that may not be the only answer, but one thing for sure, the breed of family physicians is getting rare by the day.

Well for me, my reckless self medication has spared me a visit to the hospital this time and I am back in action.

>A Blogger is born !

>Well it’s no different than trying to write my first poem back in school. I was scribbling with my pen and I just had no words to pen.

However, creating and writing my first blog seems more of a science. So to say I am a test tube baby. Everything is so neatly crafted…Tailor made out of a lab. Easy templates to choose, feels as if I can choose my body.