Seven types of Air Travelers

Flying can be fun, if you enjoy observing people. Every-time I fly, I somehow pigeon-hole fellow passengers in one of my prejudiced slots. I get amused by the way each of these kinds behave.  Here is my express list of air travelers these days.

The Pyjama Party Hoppers

Well this cool dude will be comfortable surfing in his pyjamas or shorts and slip ons all over the place.  For him, the Goan beach or an airport lounge, life is always a party.  Well and you know this saves him lot of time while he dashes from one city to another. With ruffled hair and droopy eyes, a lot of time I get a feeling that these people are innocent sleep walkers who have lost their way to the airport lounge.  May be next time I will be the good Samaritan to help him back to his shack.

Miss Louis Vuitton

Madam LVMH is all set to capture the eyeballs on this mega event called Flying. Ever before you spot her in the crowd, her, strong if not always mesmerizing perfume makes her presence felt. And even before you could see her,  a lot many times you get nudged by her entourage of vanity bags and boxes.  Maintaining a minimal eye contact with most menial people around  (thanks to those Big  Versace sunglasses) , she ensures that her business comes first. A lot of time she is the most dreadful passenger for the ground staff and the in-flight crew to handle, for her business always come first !

Mr. Gadget Freak

Mr. Apps is so fully loaded with his gizmos, that all the security checkpoints he gets alarms buzzing.  Minute after minute he keeps juggling between his gizmo inventory. The ‘ipod’ is his constant adaptation, may be the one he uses is even water proof, so that he is never without one. Suddenly you will see him bobbing his head to some trance music may be paying homage to Mr.Jobs. By the time he settles down in the waiting lounge, up comes the ‘ipad’.  In the mid-air just when all the cabin lights are dimmed, pop goes his overhead light and out comes his ‘Kindle’. Mr.Gadget freak always reminds me of the ‘Salesmen’ we spot on local trains in Mumbai. Have your ever noticed how easily they keep fishing out their wares in the crowded trains for eager buyers. Mesmerizing ! Finally Mr Gizmo switches to his “PSP”. Once I almost got knocked off when one Gadget guru was racing on his ‘PSP’. Well life is a ‘Game’ isn’t it ?

The Workaholic

This kind gets his inspiration from Mr.Gadget freak; the only difference being, for him life is “all work and no play”. He is normally the last one to board the flight. A business suit in one hand, an open laptop flap in another and in between dangles part of his luggage. By the time the safety announcement requests’ passengers to switch off all electronic devices, Mr.Workaholic is still on his blackberry closing the mother of all mortgage deals in some part of the world. After repeated requests he will finally pretends to shut down his devices. He incidentally believe that safety comes first. The moment the seat belt sign is put off,  he frantically dangles and leaps over the overhead compartment to grab his laptop. From now on till the aircraft prepares to land, he is the only visibly awake passenger on the flight. The pilots these days I understand feel it safer to be on auto-pilot!

The Big Momma

Well I pity this woman for being in charge to manage a mischievous and handful pre-schooler and a whining infant junior part II. She is all geared for this dreadful flight. One back pack, one sling bag and multiple trolley bags, which seem to have missed the ‘laws of motion’ she is one of the last people to enter the aircraft. I can’t blame her. Her back pack has all the ration to keep the two kids in good spirits. Starting with some Choco snack  bars, gums, juice tetra packs, sandwiches, biscuits, milk foods for the infant, diapers, toys just all. Phew may be much more. Airport assistance or no assistance, she is a woman on mission.

The First Time Flyer (FTF)

We all have been through this stage. Been through those awkward moments when you do not know what to do. For this gentleman it’s not as much the joy of flying but the list of don’ts that he keeps memorizing. He is a butt of all the suspicion for the security personnel. His nervousness about flying gives him a hue of a shady criminal unsure of his business. His luggage accessories have yet not been upgraded for the air travel. A trunk or a large suitcase always add to his awkwardness. But well one can’t blame him for that. That’s the first time he is flying. From getting into wrong boarding queues to getting on the wrong aircraft, this kind is always at its wits to brace up. Once airborne, they keep jutting out of their seats to look outside the window. And yes some do not refrain from calling the pretty air hostess “Madam”.


Mr.Snooz, is always snoozing. From later arrival to the airport to catching a wink at the waiting lounge, he is always at peace with his surroundings. Nothing can stop him from catching wink in busy places. He also at times is the last passenger on board. Some of them snore loud enough to make propellers shudder. I strongly feel this set of passengers can cause interruptions with radio waves and all possible communication of the pilot with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC).  Well this may not have been proved in the popular series of “Aircraft Crash Investigations”, but there could be a case for my theory ! Anyone wants to second me on this one ?

Note : This post has gender specific references. You could liberally change the usage if you consider it appropriate 🙂 No offence to any gender intended.


Coffins on the Highway

Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Swinging left to right,

No blinkers I can see.

Some bodies glued to their mobiles,

Some bodies without seatbelts.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Some bodies have enough alcohol within themselves to burn their pyre instantly.

Eager to embrace the demons of death.

Sure these bodies have loved ones who care about them.

A mother, an old father, a caring and supporting wife with kids.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Bang I saw another thud in front of me.

And I pulled over to inspect the coffin ahead of me.

Blood all over,

And broken limbs.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


With no one willing to bother to stop by, forget a willing gesture that one cares,

I put these listless limbs on my wheels.

We spin to the hospital,

To revive these fellow coffin travelers.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Back at the hospital,

After some easy yet routine formalities,

They started the treatment,

And we informed the kin of these coffin travelers.


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Another life saved, or may be reborn.

Never neglect a coffin on the highway.

Do help other coffins out of sheer fear or pure duty.

The next coffin could carry your loved ones or you !


Coffins on the Highway,

Zip past me.


Road accidents are on the rise across the world. Statistics apart, what is important is that how responsible are we when we are behind the wheels. Most people consider ‘driving’,  to be a right.  Seldom is it emphasized  that it is a privilege.

Yes there are idiots on the road. At time we ourselves drive idiotically. But may be 90% or more of the accidents can be avoided, provided we drive exercising our privilege responsibly.

Can we more responsible coffin drivers ?

Kids & Pets

Shanaia, our 3 and half year old daughter cheekily asked, “Mama Can we buy a Dog ?”  Mama asked why? And she promptly answered,  “dogs can catch robbers.” Mama replied with a stern no. Try number two. “Then can we buy a Cat?”  Again a big no from Mama. Then may be a parrot. Mama’s “no” were as prompt as the questions.

How about Fishes?  This one, Shanaia won with 4-3 . Shanaia had smartly calculated, Fishes were one thing mama definitely loves;  if not alive, definitely dead. And that’s when Shanaia knew she had a sealed  her first deal, a Pet.

And I was more than eager to ensure to get a fish tank. I had similar conversations with my mom as  child.  After a long stint of negotiations I was reluctantly allowed to have a fish tank. Graduating from a fish tank I managed to convince my parents to get me a pair of ‘Love birds’. Seeing my passion for pets, one of my uncles had gifted me a pair of ‘Turtles’. And finally for a brief period I had kept  ‘White mice’.

By the time Shanaia, grandpa & me were at the pet shop, ‘the child in me’  was revisiting all the special memories I had with all my pets. Growing up with pets was an important experience that I had imbibed.  It had inculcated in me a sense of responsibility, love, care, respect for all living beings. The pain & remorse of losing my fishes & love birds prepared me for harsher realities of life as a child, ‘we all are mortals’.

And now while my daughter is growing up, I would love her to grow with her pets .

Yet there are a few important considerations that one needs to keep in mind before buying pets.

  1. Like the amount of time you or your child and spend to take care in maintaining pets in a responsible way.
  2. Pets of different kinds are prone to catch infections and also pass it on to humans or in some case trigger pre existing allergies.
  3. Do a fair amount of research before buying any pet. From traits, care, breed, to knowing where you are going to place the pets in your house.

Holy Cow !

I spotted this cow on the way back from Shirdi-Nashik highway.  Not sure what was on the mind of the miscreants when they hand printed this helpless animal. Though I do appreciate  art more liberally, this definitely is not my taste of art.

It’s a perfect plot for a crime mystery, the culprits have left their most evident identity, but one still can’t nail them !

In Hinduism, the cow is a symbol of wealth, strength, abundance, selfless giving and a full Earthly life. Religious significance apart, one cannot overlook the fact that  cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. From dairy products to its excrement, right upto it’s hide, cow has versatile uses.

The whole body of knowledge of ‘Branding’ as in Marketing , apparently had its origin in branding livestock. The objective being to indicate ownership.

But isn’t conserving and respecting mute animals more about collective ownership than just claiming ownership?


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When Hunger Strikes!

On my way to office,
I saw a young boy, of a tender age.

With innocence in his face,
And his clothes in a mess.

He begged by the roadside,
With hunger in his eyes.

He was shrugged off by the people,
Like a bug too feeble.

Then a dog passed by him with a loaf of bread,
And he chased the dog with no dread.

Away at a road side gutter,
He ate the stale bread with no ounce of butter.

He shared, the bread with dog besides,
Cause, he knew how it feels in a hungry stomach inside.

Like the dog he had no identity,
Both were the children of the almighty.


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तुझी वाट पाहता

तुझी वाट पाहता 
तुझी वाट पाहता पाहता डोळे भरून आले,
वाचा फुटेना कंठ दाटून आला.
तू आलास असा भास झाला,
नक्की परत येशील हा मनी धस घेतला.
तुझ्या आठवणी मनात आहेत ताज्या,
तुझ्यावाचून जगणे झाली आहे सजा.
आमचा  जीवनाच्या अंती आम्हाला एकटे टाकून गेलास,
तुझ्हा फक्त आसरा हवा होता,
फाफुट पसारा सोडून गेलास.


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बुडूनही जगावे

बुडूनही जगावे  

समूद्र किनार्यावर पाण्यात फक्त पाय घालून येत नाही मजा,
तशीच प्रेमाच्या सागरात बुडाल्या शिवाय येत नाही मजा.
बघणारे म्हणतात अरे हा तर गेला कामातून,
पण बुडणारा म्हणतो, किती बर वाटते पहा तर बुडून.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात नसते कुणाची भीती,
फक्त प्रेमच असते अवती भवती.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत  नाही श्वास,
फक्त मनात असावा विश्वास.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत नाही तहान भूक,
चोहीकडे प्रेमच असते कधी न संपणारे सुख.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात लागत नाही थंडी,
दोन जीवांची उब असते, उबतील सुधा दोन-चार अंडी.
प्रेमाच्या सागरात राहायला लागत नाही भाडे.
एकमेकांच्या हृदयात राहायला कसले आले भाडे.
फक्त काळजी घ्यावी गैर समाजांच्या भाव्र्यांची .
समजून घ्यावी भीती खोल दर्यांची.
असे हे सुंदर जग या प्रेमाच्या सागरात,
बुडूनही जगावे ह्याच सागरात.
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