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>Burried Egos

Those Fire balls around,
Make me deaf, with those big sounds.

Everything is down in ruins.
Except the smoky clouds in the sky, in fumes.

Limbs lie in the graves,
While those not, with hungry stomachs do crave.

Cries all around bleeds the souls,
Tears from the eyes flood and add to the foul.

Dream turn into nightmares.
And brave hearts go out to fight with a dare.

Crying mothers go insane,
And search for lost babies in every lane.

Soldiers with lost limbs and bloodys wounds,
Lie helpless with no aids on the grounds.

To add to the war, the nature takes its own revenge,
And it rains with floods to crowd the graves.

Enemies come together to give a fight,
Seeing the consequences of their worthless egoistic fights.

But it gets too late to make up for any loses around,
Since the world is deep asleep, in the graves, never to be awaken by the slightest sound.

I had written this poem during the Kargil war.

The terror attacks that struck Mumbai have left a deep scar on our hearts. Its nightmare we will never forget. For that matter never want to forget. And all of us want action Now. For past few days media has been beaming messages calling out for a war on terror. I have come across loads of SMS’s and mail asking fellow citizens to take pledges and mobilizing opinions to declare war on terror.

WAR !! I wonder how many of the proponents of waging a War have ever consequences of War. It’s definitely not the kind of ones which you saw in Mahabharatha where two armies fight on a no mans land. Moderns wars unfortunately are fought right in the hearts of civilization. Where innocent lives are lost.