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Thermo COOL Art

Just a silly attempt to keep Shanaia engaged last weekend turned out to be an interesting work of art by her.

I was about to junk this piece of Thermocol,  and just then I got an idea to give an innovative surface to  Shanaia to draw upon.

Frankly, as a child in good old days when Hamleys- The Toy store,  had not invaded Mumbai, I had used a large piece of thermocol from my mom’s food processor mixer and made a Battleship out of it. So just junking a precious piece of Thermocol was not really an option I was keen to choose!

Following are some pics of ThermoCOOL art by Shanaia.

Kites, Water Bottle and Faces

Tick Tock Clock

Do not miss the face drawn around the embedded circle

Do not miss the Faces drawn around existing embedded circles

Pigeon Holed Faces

This one is my favorite.  Intelligent use of the existing holes to draw faces within.

Art by Dad...

Art by DAD