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No Shave, No Lipstick…the new dating mantra

Not sure how many of you have noticed the ongoing “No Shave, No Lipstick” movement in the media. Well it’s actually a daring ad campaign smartly tagged as ‘Movement’ for the new Gillette shaving blades.

Well,  to decode the ‘Movement’ as stated in the advertorial, it’s all about how women consider men to be undesirable, uncool and as per some extreme comments less trustworthy, if they are with a stubble!

And all this research by AC Nielsen with a record-breaking massive sample set of 150 women in few metros! That’s it..well that’s why it’s called a Sample set.

This is a dreadful statistics for all the Lipstick companies. Behind every unshaven man, there will the one or may be many (could vary in some case I believe) women; who are committed not to use their most preferred  weapon from their vanity box, the Lipstick.

Thank god that I am married by now. So no imminent threat with my weekend stubble.  But yes, for all the bachelor men out there, you better take this seriously.

Looking forward to some FB posts as follows.

Chulbul Pandey added an update to March 25, 2012 on his  timeline – Clean shaven today

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Shiela Chulbul Pandey, let’s go for a coffee today. What say ?




Missed calls and Guilt

Another look at my mobile screen and my guilt pangs are rising by the moment. I have missed office and my virtual world of missed call reports,  mail box and sms could be imagined like a government office desk, struggling to cope with the incoming files and memos.

I am in deep remorse in the knowledge that I have violated all moral standards of  ‘modern age communication’ by not attending to those important or less important phone calls and SMS. Someone somewhere needs me more that my aching body down with flu. And all I am doing is ruthlessly blinding myself from replying to any incoming traffic, being simply “insensitive”. Cruel isn’t it ? Not really.

But that’s what to some extent urban living has conditioned us right? Conditioned us to be insensitive to the love, pain, beauty, social inequality, corruption, social issues, family values, parenting, charity, and lastly but most importantly our own bodies and mind. We are getting more and more insensitive to our ill-health, mental or physical. When the body needs rest, we deny it , when the mind needs a time out and wants to take stroll on its own, we deny it. We are all conditioned to be insensitive to ourselves.

In the constant quest to stay connected and not being lost with the conversations around us, all we do it keep pressing the ‘qwerty key pads’ or the ‘ipads’  more vigorously, buy phones or other gadgets that are social networking enabled, with push mail services. Well I am not saying we don’t need theses technologies, sure they are modern tools of modern Homo sapiens. But somewhere all these outward looking gadgets, disconnect us with our own-selves.

Well, my guilt pangs have subsided by now and I think it’s ok to disconnect the outward traffic for a while and let the inward traffic of thoughts hit the superhighway.

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Facebook page of a Toddler

I am not an avid Facebook user . Yet whenever I am working on my laptop at home my daughter conveniently places herself next to me, curious to know what I am doing.

With the level of laptop/computer  penetration in most urban households and most parents conveniently browsing Facebook, the Gen Next is already getting social site savvy.  I won’t be surprised that the future classrooms will be social network enabled.

And I couldn’t resist imagining what would be a typical  Facebook page of a toddler look like.

Let me know if you relate to this one.

Face Book Page of a Toddler

Apple Pie

Don’t know what they fed me yesterday..Definitely smells bad!!

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Shopaholic Nappy

Under house arrest for long..Time to shop lift at Malls

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Lovey Eyes

My latest crush…Ben 10

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Twinkle eyes He is mine !

Game breaker

Just broke open my new remote car, they all are the same inside L

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Gizmo pants  Try all till you get the one that’s different dude!

Party animal

Birthdays are fun, every gift I give, gets me a return gift J

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Chocó teeth

Gums hurting, guess I am getting a new tooth.. help me!

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Fatso Bum

Mac D or Pizza.. any suggestions

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Game Breaker Mac D dude..toys are everything.

Mama’s boy

Mama says milk is healthy…I trust her

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Chota Bheem

Dholkapur is no more safe, with all the chocolate thieves. Time for action

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Jr. Einstein took a quiz where do babies come from

Supermarkets 80%

Circus 40%

Alien attack 30%

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