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Uncertain times call for certain actions. Actions that shall prepare you to handle any adversity come what may. Most of us are busy with our daily lives; ensuring the present and future well being of our families.

We all are consciously or unconsciously; investing or saving our hard earned money. It could be a bank fixed deposit, NSC, PPF or Mutual Funds, shares or even insurance policies. But what happens if you were to live no more or even face some permanent disability or worse still there is war or a natural calamity. Does your spouse, or nominees even know about your life insurance policy details or a medical policy, WILL and the location of the same; whether home locker, bank or worse still mortgaged.

How will you or your immediate family ever know about the basis details like PAN no, Bank account details, Passport etc, just in case it is misplaced.

I have made a brief summary sheet with updated records, it helps